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Suppose we live in ancient times where internet, post or any communication media was not available. If I have got a secret one day and only wanted to share that with my closest friend, the only way to achieve this is to visit my friend in person. Again, this is a secret, therefore I can’t ask anyone else to drop a message for me.

Obviously, the invention of internet has made this process a lot easier: I can simply drop an email to my friend and he/she…

In the last section we recreated our GoogleTest project by involving a resource file to store keywords and variables, which achieves the purpose of separating test case, variable and keyword. Now the project structure looks like below:

So far we have briefed all of the major components for Robot Framework: Suite, Test Case, Keyword, and Variable. If you review our current project “GoogleTest”, you will see the project structure as follows:

In the last section we discussed about data driven testing on our project “GoogleTest” by using a self defined library for reading/loading test data from a “.csv” file, and the body of test script looks like following now:

In the last section we successfully created our project “RFDemo” and the layout is as follows:

In the last section we have created our self defined keyword to make some of test steps in our test case “Google TestSearch” reusable. The search string is “robot framework” and it was written into the body of test case:

In the last section we talked about how to use selenium library run automation test against Google, and the script is as follows:

Last section we talked about some key components for Robot Framework and successfully ran our first test. However, like what I said at the end, we can perform web/mobile automation testing by equipping Robot Framework with some other libraries. As is known to many people, Selenium used to play a vital role in the world of automation testing (nowadays there are other options as well), and we can pretty much simulate all major user actions on web applications. Therefore, having selenium included as a standalone python library seems inevitable and indispensable.

We can install selenium library by using pip again…

Robot Framework is a Python based, keyword-driven framework that can be used for automation process. Together with Selenium library, it can provide a simple, reliable, and convenient approach for web/mobile automation testing.

In order to learn Robot Framework, one needs to have some basic knowledge about Python. But don’t be very scared, since Robot Framework doesn’t require a high level coding skill, just a little bit of knowledge is enough to get started. If you have already gained some insight, you must know how importing of library works. Just like other object oriented programming languages, Python has many built in…

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